Speeding Tickets

Oops – It happens to the best of us. Sometimes it’s the song on the radio that really speaks to you or the kids constantly kicking your seat, but you stepped on that gas a little too hard and got caught. Speeding can range from minor, like the examples listed above of 5-15 over, or they can be in the more serious range of 15-49. Maybe you didn’t realize the speed changed in that area, or maybe you were just in a rush to get somewhere, whatever your reason may be speeding has its consequences.

For a G-licensed driver penalties include:

  1. Demerit points (3 or 4 depending on the speed)
  2. CVOR points (For commercial drivers, 2-5 depending on speed)
  3. Fines of up to $359
  4. Special zones like community safety zones and constructions zones carry higher fines.
  5. Increased Insurance Rates
  6. Time off work to go to court
  7. Conviction on driving record that may affect employability

A G2 Driver will see the above as well as a 30-day license suspension for going 30 + km over.

You have options!

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