Drive While Suspended

Advancements in technology to policing equipment mean they can scan vehicle plates automatically and alert the officer if something is off, such as; No valid Insurance on the vehicle & registered vehicle owner having a suspended licence.

 Unaware your license was suspended? Aware but driving out of necessity? There are many reasons a person would be charged with driving while suspended, and not all of them are nefarious. The graduated licensing system serves the function of ensuring that our drivers are properly educated and tested to keep our roads safe.

Penalties for Driving While Suspended vary depending on the reason your licence was suspended and whether you are G1, G2, or full G.

For a G licensed driver, first offence, suspended for unpaid fines you’re looking at:

  1. Fine of up to $6,250 (after court fees)
  2. Jail for a term of up to 6 months
  3. 5 CVOR points (for commercial drivers)
  4. High-Risk Insurance Rates
  5. Time off work to go to court
  6. Conviction on driving record affects employability

The penalties only escalate from here based on the reason your licence was suspended, the classification of your licence, and if this is a subsequent conviction.

  1. Your vehicle could be impounded for up to 6 months
  2. Fines of up to $50,000
  3. Jail for a term of up to 6 months

These charges require professional attention. You have defences available. 

Common FAQS
What is the fine for driving under suspension in Ontario?
The monetary fine, in addition to other penalties, will be decided by the court and could be as high as $6,250 (fees inclusive). There is no set option to pay the fine as you must attend court for the amount to be determined. A licensed paralegal or a licensed lawyer can represent you and attend court on your behalf. 

What happens if you drive around with a suspended license?
You run the risk of not only being charged but you run the risk of not being covered if involved in an accident or fatality. You could be scanned by police equipment and flagged to be pulled over for your licence not being valid. The officer could then pull you over, verify that your licence is suspended, and charge you accordingly. Or you could be involved in an accident, where an officer attends and verifies that your licence is suspended and charges accordingly. Your insurance provider can refuse to cover the loss if you are found to be in driving on a suspended licence. But the worst scenario of all would be an accident where serious damages and personal injury occur. There may be personal liability stemming from the accident that your insurance provider may deny based on the fact that you were in the act of breaking the law by driving while suspended when the accident occurred and they may deny coverage of legal fees.

How do I fight driving with a suspended license in Ontario?
You hire a licensed paralegal/lawyer to represent you in court.

Is driving with a suspended license a criminal offense in Ontario?
Driving while your license is suspended is a quasi-criminal offense in Ontario and is dealt with in the Provincial courts. A conviction will not appear on your criminal record but on your driving abstract. 

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