Cell Phone Ticket

Paying a Cell Phone Ticket results in a 3-day licence suspension. 

Cell Phones, they are both helpful and addictive. Many people get caught touching their phones while waiting at red lights. It seems unfair but distracted driving has caused a great many casualties. Whether you were just adjusting your GPS or trying to see the urgent email that was sent to you, getting caught using your cell phone has some serious consequences.

For a first offence:

  1. Fine of $615 (inc. court fees)
  2. 3 Demerit Points
  3. 3 Day license suspension upon conviction ($285 reinstatement fee)
  4. Increased Insurance rates
  5. Day off work to attend court
  6. A conviction on your driving record may affect employment.

For subsequent offences:

  1. Fine of up to $6,250.00 (inc. court fees)
  2. 6 Demerit points
  3. 7-30 Day license suspension upon conviction ($285 reinstatement fee)

And if you’re a G2 driver on your second charge, a minimum 30-day licence suspension.

You have options!

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