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Careless Driving in Ontario
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Were you involved in an accident? Did you hit someone with your car? Or were you simply driving in a manner that the officer felt the need to lay this charge over the others? A careless driving charge is often laid when the officer feels that the duty of due care and attention while driving has not been met. Whether that is true or not, is something to be left for the courts to decide.

Penalties for a careless charge include:

  1. Fine of $400
  2. 6 Demerit points
  3. 5 CVOR points

If you’re a G2 driver your also looking at:

  1. A 30-day licence suspension upon conviction ($285 reinstatement fee)
  2. High-Risk Insurance rates
  3. Time off work to attend court
  4. A conviction upon your driving record that may affect employability

With causing Injury:

  1. Fine to be determined by the Court
  2. 6 Demerit points
  3. Possibility of up to 6 months in jail
  4. Licence suspension of up to 2 years
  5. High-Risk Insurance rates
  6. Time off work to attend court
  7. A conviction upon your driving record that may affect employability

Never just pay a careless driving ticket.  That would be an admission of guilt. You have options!

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    Common FAQs
    1. Is careless driving a criminal offense in Ontario?
    Careless driving, whether causing bodily injury or not, is considered a quasi-criminal offence in Ontario. This means that, although serious in nature, it is not considered “criminal” and will not show up on your criminal record. It will however show on your driver’s abstract and may pose a barrier to employment as well as increasing your insurance rates. This charge can show an amount to be paid on the ticket or you may have to attend court for a Justice of the Peace to determine your penalty. All reasons to see question #5 below. 
    2. What counts as careless driving in Ontario?
    Careless driving is a charge that can cover many different situations. If the driver of a vehicle has driven in a manner that can be reasonably described as, “without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the highway”, then the officer may lay this charge.  A common scenerio would be after being involved in an accident or hitting a pedestrian. 
    3. What happens if you are charged with careless driving?

    There are many scenerios to answer this question and it will be dependant upon the situation that gave rise to the charge to be laid in the first place. This charge however, is not an arrestable offence and can be laid with a fine to be paid (we do not pay this!) or you may be given a date to attend court. (see #5)

    4. Can a careless driving ticket be reduced in Ontario?
    The results we can obtain for this charge is as varied as the situations which gave rise to the charge itself. Meaning, there could be many possible alternate scenerios and defences that can be brought up in court in your defence. It is very possible to be able to offer an alternative theory of events to the prosecution and obtain a plea deal for a lower offence. It is also possible to take this matter to trial and put the officer and prosecutor to the strict proof required of a mens rea offence.  (see question below)
    5. How can you help me?
    Once we receive a call from you, or you reach out by uploading your charging document below, we will confirm that we can help you and set a date to either speak virtually or if you prefer, to meet in the office. We will then discuss in detail what happened, why it happened, and your version of the events. We can answer any questions that you have about the process of getting your licence back or getting your vehicle back. You will then be asked to sign a retainer, which is a formal agreement that lets us fight for you in court. Without signing this document and paying our fee, we cannot go to court for you. After our initial meeting, you can expect regular updates via email or phone (your preference) as to how your case is progressing.
    We go to court for you.
    We demand disclosure for you.
    We conduct legal research on your behalf.
    We speak to the prosecutor for you.
    And if needed, we conduct a full trial and cross-examine the officer for you!
    Basically, we come alongside you, take as much stress off you as possible, and guide you through the rest of the process. So reach out by uploading your charging document below and lets get started on your defence today!



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