CVOR Saver Program

Is your company currently on the list of excellent carriers? Do you have an excellent safety rating that is in danger due to a violation rate approaching the 15%? Disputing your driver’s charges not only puts a hold on those CVOR points while the matter is being dealt with, but it also opens the possibility of lowering those CVOR charges or dismissing them altogether.

Do you drive for a living? Your job is hard enough without the added financial repercussions of simply performing your job. Truck driving runs in our family and the profession is highly respected at Bauer Legal. You work hard, so let us work hard for you. Disputing your charge not only protects your employability but your employer as well.

Commercial driving offences are unique and not every licensed practitioner who operates in this area is familiar with them.  Bauer Legal understands the complexity of trying to navigate the MTO enforcement officers and random O.P.P. Commercial Motor Vehicle enforcement unit checks, all while trying to deliver your load on time.

It can save you time and money to have a reputable firm on hand when the need arises. We’re only a text, email, or phone call away!

You have options!

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