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Bauer Legal is a fully licensed litigation and court advocacy firm headed by the founder paralegal, Tiffany Bauer. We save you time, money, and stress by handling the litigation and court appearances for your matter.

Bauer Legal mandates to advocate on the people’s behalf and combat the issues of access to justice.

 We are licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, members of the Ontario Paralegal Association, and have been providing legal advocacy services for over 4 years.

Tiffany proudly serves the general public in lawsuits, before tribunals, and before the provincial courts.

After receiving both academic distinction and honors while completing her dual Law Clerk and Paralegal degrees, she combined her work experience to form a unique paralegal firm that gives her clients realistic and down to earth advocacy and advice. 

Having lived and worked all over Canada, Tiffany brings simplicity to complex legal matters.

Tiffany has obtained certifications in disability awareness, ethnic diversity training, and facilitative leadership in the workplace. She was previously licensed as an Insurance Broker for all of Ontario and the Maritimes. 

Previous legal positions were held with the Windsor Superior Courthouse Registrar’s Office, Legal Aid Saskatchewan – Criminal Division, and the Windsor Essex Bilingual Legal Clinic. 

 Bauer Legal, We're Licensed to Win!

Contact us today to find out how we can save you time, money, and stress! Complimentary assessments and quotes provided. 


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