Small Claims Court

If you believe that you may have cause for a lawsuit or if you are being served with a lawsuit yourself, don’t try to do it alone. A licensed paralegal can represent your case to the fullest extent of the law, leaving the question on a matter of law and not procedure.


Do you have a matter being heard before a tribunal in Ontario? It may seem less formal than a courtroom but the decisions are just as binding. Effective legal advocacy is highly recommended as the decisions of these quasi-adjudicative bodies are legally binding and will have lasting effects on the parties involved.

Types of Boards and Tribunals include:

  • The Child & Family Services Review Board
  • Social Benefits Tribunal
  • Social Security Tribunal
  • Rental Housing Tribunal
  • Municipal Board
  • The Financial Services Commission of Ontario
  • Liquor Control Board of Ontario
  • Pay Equity Commission
  • Energy Board
  • Ontario Securities Commission
  • Conservation Review Board
  • Environmental Assessment & Appeal Board
  • Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
  • Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeal Tribunal

Human Rights Tribunal

Are you being treated differently in terms of housing, work, or obtaining government services? This is against the law. Bauer Legal can get you compensation for your discrimination.

Debt Collection & Enforcement

Are you a business owner and your clients are not paying or disputing the full amount of their invoices? Does someone owe you money or property and they refuse to pay? Have you obtained judgement and the other party still refuses to pay? Bauer Legal can help you get your money or property back.

Record Suspension (Pardons)

Did you make a mistake when you were younger and find that it prohibits you from leading the full and productive life you should be living? Bauer Legal can help navigate the legal justice system to find terms that are appropriate and fair for your case.

Criminal Victim Compensation Board

Have you been the victim of a violent crime? Were you affected by a violent crime? Bauer Legal can help you obtain financial and other resources to help any injured parties heal regardless of a criminal conviction in the matter.

Commissioning Services

If you have a document that you must swear or affirm to be true and it must be signed by a “Commissioner”, you may call Bauer Legal to help you complete these forms. Any document that requires you to take an oath or be signed by a commissioner may be completed by Bauer Legal. Please see pricing tab.